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My work

Co-author of The Entrepreneur’s Faces, a new book about entrepreneurial archetypes.

Prolific and versatile author who can mix up the topic and voice to suit the occasion. Check out my writing samples!

Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the innovation studio Schoolab San Francisco and the Portuguese consultancy Outglocal.

Instructional designer (Harvard Extension School certificate in Learning Design and Technology, 2021). View my portfolio!

Editor-in-Chief of, an online innovation hub that publishes case studies about entrepreneurship and innovation.

Public speaker, workshop leader, with content focused on innovation, entrepreneurship, and ethics.

Career journalist specializing in emerging technology and business trends, I was an early team leader at Wired magazine, where I led the creation of one of the first online communities. I’ve also worked on the staff of Macworld, PCWorld, and Outside magazines.

At HotWired, one of the first websites, I produced Club Wired, an event platform featuring Web luminaries and celebrities such as authors Neal Stephenson, Bruce Sterling, scientist Richard Dawkins, musicians Yoko Ono, Laurie Anderson, Lee Renaldo, Joey Ramone, King Crimson, cultural icons Timothy Leary, John Perry Barlow, and many more. Transcripts thanks to the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, here and here.

Producer of popular event series in San Francisco: “Redefining Success,” an interactive series on social issues in technology, and “Reinventing Storytelling,” a monthly hands-on workshop highlighting emerging trends such as voice apps and immersive group narratives.

Video producer. View my portfolio! (Launches YouTube playlist of 15+ videos.)

He wasn’t even sure what it meant to be an entrepreneur. What he did know was that he didn’t want to have to go and ask permission.

– Excerpt from The Entrepreneur’s Faces


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